What is a coach?  Professional coaching is affordable and is for anyone who wants to create a life that is purpose driven and realize their very, best selves. Success coaching is for people who know they have potential and need a little help to tease it out from within, and get themselves moving in an exciting new direction.

Want to kick butt after your breakup?  You absolutely can!

  • Release the pain of the breakup and feel good again.
  • This is break-through time!  Set goals and achieve them!
  • Dig out those barriers to your success and kick them to the curb!
  • Take care of YOU!  Know that it is not selfish to make yourself a priority.
  • Create tools to break the old bonds.  Allow yourself to look ahead with joy.
  • Learn how gratitude can restore your attitude and outlook. Create a gratitude practice.
  • Incorporate breathing and meditation to heal, and move beyond the pain.
  • You can do it! Manage your time, money and successfully coparent!
  • Change your self-talk and the old negative messages you give yourself.
  • Practice self-acceptance and let go of judgment.
  • Transform your mind and body wellness, instituting new healthy practices.
  • Bust your old limiting beliefs that keep holding you back.
  • Set boundaries that support your values and ideals that you hold dear.
  • Date with confidence.  Learn how to say “Yes” and “No”.
  • Confidently attract the romantic love you want into your life.

Choose the coaching option that is best for you:


One-on-One Coaching

Work with me through a 9-week program that is customized for your specific needs.  We will meet weekly via Zoom, phone or in-person.  Contact me directly and I will give you a call as soon as possible.

Yes! I'm Interested in Individualized Coaching.

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FREE Training Series: Bounce Back After The Breakup

This free course will provide you with encouragement and tools that will get you back on your feet and moving in the direction you want to go.


Bounce Back After Breakup: MASTER CLASS

By the end of this 6 week group session you will feel empowered to move forward with a fresh perspective.  You will have a number of new tools, ideas, skills, experiences, friends and information.  Create the life you deserve!


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